Blessed Greetings,

Are You a Magical Mystic?

Are you experiencing energetic pain and mental struggle daily? You could be a walking psychic powerhouse! Learn how to develop, strengthen, and utilize your untapped soul psychic powers for spiritual protection, clarity, and abundance! In 90 days change your life with the "SOUL PPE" program.

Soul PPE

4 Signs You Are A Walking Psychic Powerhouse!

  • Your Pain

    You experience deep energetic pain and you are drawn to herbal care and plant spirit medicine of life for healing.

  • Your Struggle

    You experience a duality or struggle within and you are drawn to deep esoteric information for transformative guidance.

  • Your Resistance

    You experience inner resistance towards your desires and you are drawn to deep elemental energies to remove blocks for freedom.

  • Your Soul

    You experience spirituality beyond the core of religion and you are drawn to deep universal values of nature, life, and living for expansion and growth.

Your Psychic Powers Elevated

Learn how to develop, strengthen, and utilize your untapped soul psychic powers and special energetic abilities so you can:

  • discover who you are and become one with your source of existence and creation for spiritual protection superseding all others.

  • unlock your inner guidance for clarity and understanding of your life movements erasing vibrational patterns and blocks to liberate your movements.

  • move in your soul psychic powers and special energetic abilities to be one step ahead of the program and fully attract your life's purpose, desires, and blessings.

  • Receive a doctrine of proclamation of your elevation and mastery of your gifts as you move forward in your power to help others and maintain your elevation as you move higher and higher in your gifts.

Client Reviews

Here's what beautiful souls like you have to say:

“Thank you for your knowledge, time and for sharing. I look forward to learning more...”


“Thank you Jah! I appreciate this so much. You inspire me and radiate so much love and joy!”


“You've helped me so much and I really appreciate what you're doing!”


“I loved the class! It was easy to follow and very informative.”


“This is so unique and I love everything I'm learning!”


Soul PPE Program

Your Soul PPE Program is called "Primordial Psychic Mastery". Here's what your program gives you in full:

  • Lifetime Access


    This is a 90 day program here to stay as other blessed souls within the program are being trained to keep it going as we move and elevate further in our powers. This school is one of my soul purpose and my word from my soul is to teach you the power of your eternal soul. You shall always have the ability to learn from updated and added lessons beyond the 90 days; plus attend any live group class you need.

  • Private Coaching Sessions


    Private sessions can be costly and may seem to not always be enough. This program gives you access to private coaching included in your fee within your first 90 days. This gives you the full support of transformation you're seeking.

  • Group Support


    You are automatically enrolled into a private group app called Soul PPE not accessible to others outside of this program. You have the option to join a private Facebook group called Soul PPE. You'll have access to mentorship and a private social sharing app; plus a future spiritual matchmaking service.

Jah Crystal

Primordial Femme Creator

My mission here is for the elevation and liberation of Primordial Soul Beings of the Terras, Suns, and Moons. I've established a business to first and foremost heal the beauty of blessed Primordial Souls with special gifts through their skin called "Herbal Beauty Babe" 🌿💋 using an energy source matrix called the 5 Energies of Skin©. Using this energy source matrix you shall activate, develop, and move in your soul psychic powers and be elevated in 2021 and beyond!